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Should I See The Dentist When I’m Pregnant

Pregnancy causes dental problems to a great extent! Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, dental health goes for a toll. Above all, most women fail to stick to a proper dental routine which leads to bacteria buildup. During pregnancy, you feel hungry all the time with wired cravings which impacts your dental health. Therefore, seeing a dentist in Lakewood Ranch, FL, is important for an improved dental health. Let us read about some reasons why you should go to a dentist during pregnancy. Here we go! 

Reasons To Visit To A Dentist

1. Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy hormones have an impact on oral health, raising the possibility of tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease. Frequent dental checkups facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of many disorders, improving general oral health throughout pregnancy.

2. Morning Sickness

Pregnant women experience morning sickness quite often. This exposes their teeth to stomach acid, leading to tooth decay and enamel erosion. During your dental visit, they recommend measures to lower your morning sickness. This results in healthy teeth.

3. Gestational Diabetes

It is another most common problem experienced by pregnant women which increases the chances of gum diseases and oral health issues. Dental visits allow women to discuss their problems, reducing related complications. 

4. X-Rays and Medications

In order to address oral health issues, certain dental procedures, like X-rays and drugs, could be required during pregnancy. By employing safety precautions, dentists ensure that both the mother and the child are safe throughout these treatments.

5. Prevention of Preterm Birth

There may be a connection between preterm birth and gum disease, according to research. Preterm delivery and low birth weight are two risks that can be decreased by treating gum disease during pregnancy. Frequent dental checkups help dentists identify and treat gum disease early on, which improves the quality of pregnancy and childbirth.

6. Dental Pain Relief

Due to changes in hormone levels and eating habits, pregnancy can make pre-existing dental problems worse or cause new ones to arise. Ignoring dental pain during pregnancy may result in more discomfort and possibly even more serious issues. Seeing a dentist improves general comfort during pregnancy and enables timely diagnosis and treatment of tooth issues, as well as much-needed pain relief.

Final Words 

Going to a dentist while you are pregnant is important to address any underlying oral health problems During appointments, they suggest measures to enhance your general well-being as well.

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