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5 Things You Must Know Before Getting a Dental Bridge

A missing tooth can negatively impact your confidence level and lower your self-esteem. Since it directly affects your smile appearance and mouth aesthetics, you need to consult a cosmetic dentist in Fort Myers, FL, who can perform a dental bridge procedure to restore your smile. However, there are certain things that you must consider before getting a dental bridge treatment so that you feel prepared for the treatment. This article highlights some common things to consider. Let’s dive in! 

Things to consider before getting a dental bridge 

1. Cleaning bridges! 

Cleaning dental bridges regularly is important for excellent oral hygiene. Since these bridges are prone to bacteria buildup, you must clean them like your natural teeth. Follow a two-minute brushing and flossing rule every day. Take a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush for two minutes every day. Later, you can floss on every alternative day. 

2. Different types of bridges 

When going for dental bridges, you must consider different types: 

  • Traditional bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Maryland bonded bridges

All these are made up of different materials that are positioned differently to give your teeth a natural look. Since traditional bridges are made up of porcelain and ceramic, they are a preferred option. 

3. Dental bridges impact your diet 

Once dental bridges are installed properly within your mouth, you must maintain a distance from certain foods and drinks. These can damage your teeth and cause dental problems. Some foods that you must avoid are hard snacks, candies, popcorn, and others. Additionally, avoid drinks and beverages. 

4. Associated cost 

Getting dental bridges and fixing your teeth is an expensive process. Therefore, you must choose a dentist who accepts your insurance plan. This will help you save hundreds of dollars. If not, this treatment may cost you $500 to $1000 per tooth. During the initial consultation, discuss the cost with them. 

5. Not a permanent solution! 

If maintained properly, dental bridges can last you for decades. In case you do not follow a proper brushing and flossing routine, it may lead to tooth damage. Therefore, keep investing in quality oral hygiene products and schedule dental visits regularly. 

Wrapping Up 

Dental bridges are the most common tooth replacement treatment, easily giving you natural teeth. Before undergoing the procedure, you must take care of these things. 

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