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Dengue Fever: Makes The Person Lose Confidence And Weak

The monsoon season is very dangerous for people, not because of heavy rains and thunderstorms but also because of mosquitoes. It is the season when mosquitoes breed and the cases of dengue fever rise.

Measures to eradicate

Eliminating stagnant water is one of the prominent methods for preventing dengue virus fever. This water is usually the reason for mosquito breeding. You must remove such water from places like home, workplace, college, school, and neighborhood to avoid dengue mosquito bites. Some of the preventive measures to prevent Mosquito breeding and bites are mentioned below:

  • Always throw used cans, bottles, and containers along with their cover in the dustbin.
  • It would be best if you always tried to change water from the saucers, which are usually kept underneath the flower pots. People should do this activity for at least a week.
  • Wells, water storage, and containers must always be covered tightly.
  • People must avoid drainage choke and must take necessary precautions.
  • All prevention must be taken so that stagnant water is not accumulated.
  • Mosquito nets in the rooms and mosquito repellent can be a good option to avoid mosquito bites.
  • If you see any Mosquito breeding areas in public places, immediately call for hygiene and the environmental department’s help.

The disease breaks the mental health and stability of a person. It makes the body weak, and the person loses their strength. It isn’t easy to regain strength even after recovering from it.

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