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What is IPL Skin Treatment and Can it Hep Me?

The correct term for this skin treatment is Intense Pulsed Light, and a special laser is used to inflict a controlled wound to the skin, which also boosts the natural skin rejuvenation process, resulting in healing. They key aspect of IPL treatment is the boosting of collagen production, which is nature’s way to heal skin blemishes, and the intense pulses of laser light are specifically pointed to the affected area.

Skin Conditions That IPL Can Treat

There are quite a few skin conditions that IPL treatment can be used to combat, which include the following:

  • Pigmented skin, spots and lesions.
  • Facial vascular lesions.
  • Red veins on the face.
  • An uneven complexion.
  • Sun damaged skin.

IPL can also be used as a general skin rejuvenator, as it cleanses, nourishes and jumpstarts the new skin cell creation process.

Remove Skin Blemishes

We all have them, and for many years, you had to make the best of what you were given by Mother Nature, yet today, we have cutting edge technology that can effectively remove minor skin lesions and blemishes. IPL treatment is non-invasive and there is no downtime, which means you can carry on with your daily business after the treatment.

Numerous IPL Sessions

The number of times you need to have the treatment would be determined by the skin specialist, but it could be anything from 2-15 sessions, depending on the condition to be treated. Treatment is usually carried out after 2-3 week intervals, to give the skin time to react to the treatment, and by following the expert’s advice, you will see maximum benefits from the IPL treatment.

Introductory Appointment

Finding the best IPL in Perth is easy with a Google search, then you can make an introductory appointment for the specialist to take a look at your skin. Of course, the skin clinic would offer an extensive range of skin treatments, and it could be that another treatment would provide better results, which is something to discuss with the skin specialist. If the specialist thinks that IPL is the best form of treatment, he or she would explain the treatment in detail, and should you be in agreement, the doctor would schedule the first IPL treatment session.

Best Results on Fair Skin

IPL treatment is ideal for those with fair skin, and in some cases, the specialist would not recommend IPL treatment, especially if you have a dark complexion, yet there are other treatments suitable for darker complexions.

How Does IPL Work?

The process of firing controlled pulses of light at an area of the skin creates a controlled wound, and when this is directed at pigment, the pigmented area first becomes a little darker, then it either lightens, or in most cases, simply flakes off. The heat and the energy of the laser also stimulates collagen production, which in turn, helps the body to create new skin cells.

If you would like to explore the potential that IPL treatment offers, search online for a specialist skin clinic that offers the treatment. An initial examination will reveal the treatment options and you can make an informed decision.

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