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Most Caring Medical clinic in Bundoora

With increase in population, there is a significant increase in industrialization, vehicular traffic and environmental changes due to various reasons. All these put together have led to enormous increase in number diseases that often prove expensive for the sufferers.

As a result, vast population suffering from various diseases need to consult doctors for their treatments.

Role of family medical clinics in treating the patients

Family medical clinics in Bundoora play an important role in providing all types of treatments such as medical, surgical, psychological or cosmetic treatments. Most of the family clinics also provide preventive as well as holistic medication that provides the treatment of the individuals, keeping in mind mental and social factors, rather than just treating the symptoms of a disease.

An ideal clinic usually provides best medical treatment through proper medical care not only to treat and reduce patients’ sufferings but also provide proper guidance as to how to prevent spread of disease in the community. This invaluable educative counseling to the patients helps ensure better health care and early recovery from the ailments.

Medical clinic Bundoora that believes in medical ethics and adopting patient caring approach is adequately equipped to provide all types of primary and preventive medical and surgical treatment to patients. Medical clinic Bundoora also promotes wellness among patients through modern and holistic healing procedure.

Treatments provided by medical clinic at Bundoora

Medical clinic Bundoora being a premier institution has a well-knit unit of highly qualified doctors, professionally qualified technicians and well trained and caring nursing staff.

Using most modern equipments and technologies, we provide treatments in the field of:

  • Medicine – to treat allergies respiratory infections, chronic asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Surgery – general surgery, orthopedic surgery
  • Dental – treatments include:

  • Preventative, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry
  • Prosthodontic i.e. Denture making, implant
  • Oral surgery i.e. Tooth extraction, Jaw surgery
  • Orthodontic i.e. Teeth alignment
  • Endodontic i.e. Root Canal Therapy

  • Skin care –for Fat destruction Hair removal wrinkles, Photo rejuvenation, Pigmentation/brown spots and Skin analysis

  • Psychology- through experienced psychologists for treatment of anxiety, depression, drug/ alcohol addictions, family and relationship problems, sleep difficulties, and grief and loss

  • Immunization and Travel vaccinations
  • Pathology Services- through most modern laboratory and equipments to help clinician to correctly diagnose the disease by examining body tissues  like biopsies and pap smears etc. and body fluids, blood and urine/ stools.
  • Physical Therapy- through physiotherapists to help speed up the recovery process, relieve muscular pain and stiffness to help increase joint mobility
  • Allied health services – through specialists like physiotherapist, dietitian, nutritionist, diabetic educator, psychologist and counselors to aid healing.
  • Yoga- to enhance physical fitness and create and strengthen the spiritual connection between mind, body and soul besides:
  • Strengthening immune system
  • Reduced/ maintaining high blood pressure
  • Normalizing blood glucose levels
  • Bring positive behavioral changes
  • Lower anxiety levels and attacks
  • Reduce stress related ailments like insomnia, tension headaches and ulcers besides muscle and joint problems
  • Ayurveda- the holistic natural healing philosophy for treating illness and maintain vitality through specialized diets, herbs, aromatherapy, oil massage and meditation.

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