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What are the Causes of Bad Breath?


Bad breath (also known as halitosis) refers to unpleasant odors that are expelled when exhaling. Those who suffer from bad breath might experience considerable and unpleasant consequences, both individually and socially as mentioned by a general dentist in Boston, MA. In this post, we will cover the causes of foul breath.

Causes of bad breath:

Bad breath can be caused by a variety of factors, including oral disorders, illnesses in other regions of the body, medicines, and specific meals and beverages. Conditions in the mouth Chronic foul breath is usually caused by an oral health issue. The following are the causes of foul breath:

Diabetes: People with diabetes might acquire a pleasant odor in their mouths that, while not the classic definition of foul breath, is rather apparent. If your breath consistently smells like cake or cookies, get medical assistance immediately.

Dry mouth: If you frequently have a dry mouth, either from dehydration or a medical issue, you may detect an unpleasant stench on your breath. Saliva helps to wash away germs, keeping foul breath at bay.

Smoking: Smoking or using tobacco products can also cause foul breath. The smoke itself has an unpleasant odor, and smoking raises your risk of gum disease and other oral health issues.

Morning Mouth and Lack of Saliva: A reduced flow of saliva might lead to bad breath. Saliva aids digestion and helps to eliminate odor-causing particles in the mouth. It is common to have bad breath when you first get up. This occurs because saliva, which normally washes away decomposing food and smells throughout the day, decreases at night while you sleep.

Medicine: Some people have foul breath after taking certain drugs. Acetaminophen, as well as other allergy and chemotherapy medications, may affect breath odor.
Postnasal drip, sinus issues, and bronchitis: Any nasal or lung ailment might cause a buildup on the back of your tongue. After a while, it stinks.

Acid reflux: Chronic patients with the condition have so much acid burping back up into their mouths that they create a foul odor.

Foods: Certain meals and drinks may cause transient attacks of foul breath. Some of the most well-known include garlic, onions, and seafood, such as tuna. Coffee and alcoholic beverages can dry out your mouth, causing foul breath.

It is suggested to use a suitable mouthwash and maintain an oral hygiene routine to eliminate this condition. However, if it persists then you must visit a dentist.

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