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DIY preparation of sunscreen oil

It is recommended that you use sunscreen of at least 30 SPF or higher than that to securely safeguard your skin against sun burn and the effects of UV rays on your skin. Sun blocks haven’t changed much in the last few years. But with recent discoveries, a push from the public and emerging new and safe products like a hemp sunscreen, immediate change in this market is upon us. New products like CBD being used for the preparation of sunscreens has generated both pros and cons however other than protection from the sun there are numerous other benefits that CBD products have on skin care routines.

There are actually different natural remedies that can be used to administer the necessary protection against sun burns. Below is a list of oils that one can use when preparing sunscreen products on their own from home.

  1. Raspberry Seed oils – this is natural oil extracted from raspberry seeds which contain an SPF that is ranging between 30-50 thus qualifying it to be used for sunscreen manufacture and use against the effects of the sun on the skin.
  2. Shea butter- Though not as excellent as other products, elements of SPF in the oil are known to be about 6-10 which nonetheless makes it an ideal option for the preparation of sunscreen.
  3. Hemp and avocado oil – hemp and CBD oil are the newest discoveries that one can use in preparing their sunscreen because of the high SPF they have ranging from 4-10.

DIY preparation of hemp oil sunscreen

To get started, you will need various ingredients as named here, 0.36 ounce of zinc oxide powder, an once of oil blend, beeswax, butter blend, vitamin E oil and 30 drops of essential oils. The procedure for you to follow is as described below.

  • Using a double boiler, melt the given oils, beeswax and butters but under manageable temperatures and under close supervision.
  • You then have to add the essential oils you had brought, the zinc oxide powder and not forgetting the vitamin E oil. You however need to wait for the zinc oxide to be totally dissolved as you give the solution time to cool down.
  • Pour the content into a push up dispenser to end up with a lotion like bar. Purchase a new container or use deodorant container that is well cleaned to accommodate the mixture.
  • You should allow the mixture to cool down overnight and it will be ready for using in various outdoor events where you are directly exposed to the sun.

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